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Andrews Telecomms Consulting offers a range of design, analysis and consulting services in South Africa and the wider African continent

Optical Network Design

Andrews Telecomms Consulting has extensive experience in all facets telecommunications technology, business and strategy, and the construction and operation of modern telecommunications networks.

Andrews Telecomms Consulting offers expertise in the modelling, analysis and design of all types of optical network:

  • Next generation long haul transmission networks, including terrestrial and submarine networks
  • Metro optical transport and access networks up to Layer 2
  • Data Centre Interconnect
  • Network protection strategies at the optical layer, or Layers 1 and 2 depending on the technology in use
  • Optical fibre cable design and installation, underground, overhead, utilities
  • Operational Support Systems including Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Drawing up specifications and evaluation of tenders

Andrews Telecomms Consulting has a distinguished heritage of technology innovation in network design, forged by over 30 years of experience and expertise in transmission networks. ATC has a clear focus on helping customers maximize the value of their transport networks as bandwidth demands explode and end-user needs evolve.

Power Utility Telecommunications

Power Utility Telecommunications networks have unique requirements and characteristics. Typically traffic requirements are low, but reliability requirements are high, and networks incorporate unique equipment such as Power Line Carriers.

Andrews Telecomms Consulting has considerable experience designing power utility system including:

  • OPGW, ADSS, AD-Lash or Ground Wire Wrap cable system design and specification
  • Comparative benefit analysis of cable types
  • Power Line Carrier system design and specification, including Power Line Carrier Terminals, Line Traps and Coupling Equipment
  • Ancillary systems including telephone networks, bespoke data networks
  • Drawing up specifications and evaluation of tenders

Andrews Telecomms Consulting can assist in the optimisation of utility networks based on many years of practical exerience.

Owner's Engineer Services

Andrews Telecomms Consulting offers Owner's Engineer Services:

  • Design Review Phase:
    • Review drawings, technical specifications and BOMs compiled by contractor(s)
    • Liaise with design teams regarding design co-ordination
    • Review turnkey contractor(s) testing and commissioning plans
  • Project Construction Phase:
    • Provide technical support with design related queries
    • Provide full or part-time monitoring services
    • Provide quality assurance processes for the project, ensuring adherence to contracts and specifications
    • Advise on claims and resolutions, and compile independent estimates for variations
    • Ensure adherence to testing and commissioning/quality control plans
  • Project Close-out and Finalisation Phase:
    • Participate in defects list compilation, and compile payment valuations and completion certificates
    • Inspect and verify the rectification of the identified defects on site
    • Reviewas-built documentation, maintenance documentation and handover and warranty documentation provided by the turnkey contractor(s)
    • Assist in the conclusion of the final accounts

Andrews Telecomms Consulting has considerable experience in this role..

Renewable Power Systems

Design and verification of domestic and industrial renewable systems.

Andrews Telecomms Consulting offers support when specifying domestic or industrial renewable systems including:

  • System sizing
  • Battery selection and sizing
  • Inverter selection and sizing
  • Internet-based load monitoring

Andrews Telecomms Consulting can assist in the optimisation of utility networks based on many years of practical exerience.

Air Operation Solutions

Andrews Telecomms Consulting can design and create cost-effective air operations middleware solutions for small airlines:

  • Data collection tools either web or spreadsheet based
  • Integrated data management middleware to bring together multiple systems cost-effectively
  • Integration of multiple data sources for web display
  • Integrated operational data displays in many formats
  • Data analysis and statistical display
  • Creation of flexible screen display systems for control rooms

Andrews Telecomms Consulting has extensive experience in setting up control room environments.


Andrews Telecomms Consulting can prepare and deliver training on topics including:

  • Introduction to Telecommunications Networking
  • Introduction to DWDM Systems
  • Introduction to High Capacity Optical Systems at all levels
  • Introduction to Data Centre Interconnect
  • Introduction to Communications over Power Lines
  • Introduction to Substation Telecommunications
  • Introduction to Power Line Carriers
  • Introduction to Software Defined Networking

Our Team

Andrews Telecomms Consulting has access to an experience pool of experts and specialists

Don Andrews

Director and Lead Consultant

Don and his extended team, have many years of experience in the industry. We will do our utmost to satisfy your needs

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